A dog starts house fire in Essex by turning on the microwave

A puppy began a house fire as it was able to turn the microwave, a fire agency said.

The creature, which was abandoned at the home at Stanford-le-Hope by itself, turned.

A package of bread rolls, that was put inside, also caused a fire off and started to burn, Essex Fire Service said.

A program on their phone alerted to the fire the proprietor, who wasn’t at home at the moment.

The fire service said the device of the owner let them see feeds from a camera that has been put up on Kingsman Road inside their home.

“It shows that microwaves should not be used to keep food when they are not being used,” he explained.

“Always maintain your dishwasher clean and free from clutter or meals and some other packaging.

“Animals or kids can turn them more readily than you may believe – so please do not run the danger.”

The dog wasn’t hurt, the service included.